Wednesday, October 26, 2016


For those who know me, my love-hate relationship with facebook is no secret and nothing new. All the feelings come in waves and the hate wave was strong with this election season (among other things) and then two things happened. 1) I read this article and 2) I worked my way through Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer for a second time this year.

I want, desperately, what the author of the article says happened for her. All of it. Cleaner house, completed projects, less stuff and more people.

And I believe, truly, what Priscilla Shirer says about Satan. That he wants me distracted. He plots and schemes to distract us.

So, I (mostly) quit facebook about 20 days ago. And I've read 6 books. And my house IS cleaner. And I AM catching up on some projects. And I am seeing more people. My life isn't where I want it yet but it's moving in the right direction!

I still don't want to totally give it up. I have kept family and far away people for the time being. And there are a handful of close people (both literally and figuratively) that I miss "sharing" more with. BUT I am missing it a lot (A LOT LOT) less than I thought I would.

Oh, and I've stayed in groups! Foster support, Buy/Sell/Trades, LulaRoe. You know. The important things ;)

So. I would say I'm loving this experiment. And that it will evolve over time. Always. But, I've set the parameter of my birthday, the end of "my" year, until I'm allowed to "go back" in anyway. Maybe by then I'll be completely done with it? Or ready to use it moderately instead of addictively?

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