2014 goals (aka 2013 take two)

Last year I wrote the following (now edited for 2014) goals. I literally didn't achieve a single one. BUT I still consider the year a success because I made progress, however minimal, on a couple. And after re-reading them this New Years...I still really like them and they get to stay around for another year. I was so confident that 2013 would be my year to finally start kicking butt and taking names and it so so so wasn't. But a crazy thing has happened to this list-making-goal-setting girl, I've learned to dwell on them less. I'm learning, finally, to value relationship more than busyness. People more than tasks. That said, adding a second child to our family also made me more dependent on lists than ever. I'm absolutely hopeless on errand day without one:)

2014 Focus Statement:
To grow in my relationship with God, love my husband and kids better, and simplify my home and life. 
To fall forward, into the music, when I mis-step.

To grow with God:
  • I want to pursue God daily, alone and with my children. Weekly with women and my church. 
  • I want to incorporate God into my daily routines with kids. Praying before meals, etc. 
  • Read the 'spiritual' books I've collected but have never gotten to, prioritize these before "for fun" reading. (See my list here)
To love my husband and kids better:
  • I need to make sure I'm taking care of my physical and emotional needs. I easily fall into the trap of taking care of everyone else first and then having nothing left over for myself. Then I snap or break or breakdown, and that's not good for anyone! This is more like my traditional 'lists' of goals for a new year. 
    • Get my haircut more than twice this year! I want to grow it out again. I really am not enjoying it short. 
    • Regularly take time for myself: massages, pedicures, etc. 
    • Lose the baby weight! 
    • Plan alone days to read, clean, craft, etc. 
    • Write more. Blog more frequently- quit waiting for 'inspiration' or the perfect topic. This really helps me clear my head and process things. 
    • Get a tattoo. Actually two. I want my boys on me.
    • Plan and execute at least one but preferably two 'girls only' weekends. 
    • Read the marriage/parenting books sitting on my shelf. (See list here)
To simplify my home and life:
  • Decorate house with pictures and art! 
  • Simplify. Get rid of stuff we don't need/use. De-clutter.
  • Finish (start) organizing and scanning Grandma's pictures. Mail to Carolyn.
  • Make shutterfly (or something similar) books.
  • Craft more- finish projects I've been holding onto, or scrap them.
  • Read the books I own but have never read...at least one shelf of the three. At the end of 2013, donate any books I know I'll never get to (the ones that have been on this list for years and years).  If I haven't read them at this point, chances are they're never going to be high enough on my priority list and I should just quit storing them.  

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