Sarah: Wife, mother, substitute teacher. Former competitive swimmer and marathoner- wanting to get back into "it" but struggling to balance priorities with life's demands. Voracious reader. Christ follower. Dabbler in home-making and gardening. A bit of a neat freak.

Ryan: Husband, father, teacher and coach. Runner and sports fanatic. Musician and lover of music. Fantastic friend, brother, and son- incredibly loyal and faithful, hardworking and responsible. Beer aficionado. X-box 360 player. Former collegiate baseball pitcher. Not so much a neat freak.

Pumpkin Pie: toddler, son. Former pacifier user. Cloth diaper wearing picky eater. Non-stop ball of energy, covered in bruises and scratches dare-devil. Funny, stubborn, and smart. Lover of books, animals, balls, vehicles, and music. Loves to make messes and clean them up. Our big helper- the love of our life.

Shamrock Shake: Prayed for, waited for, child number 2- due mid-March 2013

Bailey: Maltese, first born "son", middle-aged dog. A big dog trapped in a 9lb body. Stinky-breath cuddler, guard dog and companion. Pees on the curtains, poops in the yard, and chases cats. Incredibly gentle and patient with the resident fur-puller toddler. Loves car rides with the windows rolled down, off-leash walks, and cleaning up the floor after the toddler's meal times. Earns his keep!


  1. You have a maltese too! I love my Daisy! Happy to meet you! I also have a hard time with procrastinating. I am working on that right now by getting my fixer upper house in order so I can use my brain power to be more thoughtful and purposeful!
    The Pastor's Wife

    1. Teresa, So nice to meet you too!! We love our Bailey...poor guy is definitely 'neglected' now that we have 'real' kids. My hope is to get back into shape this Spring and Summer and include him in that process (lots of outside walks) so he feels more loved! LOL! I'm loving this online community- thank you for sharing on your blog!