Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things that matter.

I'm having one of those nights.

The kind where something that doesn't really matter goes wrong and you over-react and can't get yourself pulled back together.

I threw a toy at the toy bin tonight. And missed. And our toy-bin is right below the tv. Do you see where this is going?

Needless to say I'm feeling
-lazy, seriously I couldn't just walk the toy over.
-stupid, really you're going to use your left hand when you're a terrible shot with your right.
-frustrated, because of course I keep enough money lying around to just buy new tvs whenever the urge strikes.
-like a terrible wife, the one thing the hubs loves more than me (kidding) is sports. And it's playoff baseball time folks. And college football. And NFL. So basically, I suck.

And of course he (the hubs) is being super awesome about it. "It doesn't really matter.", "Things happen", "Don't be so upset, we'll get a new one in a little bit."

But I just keeping crying over it.

Seriously, when people I know are going through things that really matter- I'm crying over a broken tv.


I guess I am that shallow.

On a sidenote, at least the 2 year old is as upset as I am. "Mommy. Broke. It.", "Bye-Bye Zaboo." So I'm also a terrible, stupid, lazy mother.

What a night. A good night's sleep will hopefully fix these INSANE preggo hormones.

It's just a tv for crying out loud. I didn't break my kid! ;)

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