Thursday, October 16, 2014

Something is different

This year is different. Not 2014, my 35th year.
I make lists. ALL.THE.TIME.

Every New Year.

Every Birthday.

Usually I get a couple things on them done.

But mostly I forget about them...clearly the things on them aren't too important.

But this year. I am different. This is not my doing. I repeat, I have not done this.

I'm excited. A little bit nervous. It feels like a new season in my life is approaching, spring maybe??

Thirty-Five by 35, 12 week progress report.
I've read my Bible almost daily for TWELVE weeks! (I used to read my Bible completely every year...and then kids happened and I just haven't been able to figure it out. Also, my goal is not to read every single day. I can not, currently, at this stage of life, make morning quiet times happen. So night time reading it is...and that doesn't always happen BUT I am staying caught up on the year-through-the-Bible plan that I found and LOVE!)

I am 25% done with my ambitious "read 35 books" goal! (And it's been 25% of the year, so that's tracking well!)

I have 5 things completely checked off my list (14%)

I have FOURTEEN things in process (one of which-Bible reading- can't be finished "early", and a couple others that aren't really check-off-able).

I have FIVE blank spots still.

I think one of them may just become to write more again. To escape the trap of facebook and other mindless internet wanderings.

(Secret: I'd love for one of them to be have another baby. Praying! Will take God changing Ryan's heart on the matter, without me forcing the issue!)

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