Monday, December 5, 2011


I've been reminded lately through my interactions with multiple friends and acquaintances that I think differently than most people I know.

It's hard to explain since I'm not really an optimist. I am very realistic. For instance, I don't get my hopes up with much. If you assume the worse, than you can be pleasantly surprised. But if you get your hopes up, you're often left disappointed.

And yet, I inevitably give people the benefit of the doubt and end up having the best days thanks to my interactions with random strangers.

I hope I make their day better too.

Here's what I know. When I catch myself with a serious face, I'll smile. Even if its for no "real" reason other than I want whoever is driving by me to see me happy. I hope it's contagious!

Why don't you try an experiment: SMILE while you talk, shop, drive, etc. and see what happens to you and those around you! Maybe your boring, blah or even bad days will turn into great days too! :)

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