Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was able to attend Women of Faith this year! I love getting a chance to spend the day/weekend with other women and learn more about being a woman of God. I'm finally getting around to reviewing my notes and wanted to process them here:)

Patsy Clairmont: Every morning say three things. 1) YES- to God. Let the day be his from the very beginning. 2) THANK YOU- to God. Start every day with an attitude of gratitude. 3) NO- to people. Listen for God's leading but don't feel bad or guilty about saying "no".

How you act/react is your witness. People are watching you and making a choice for God based on your actions and reactions. Especially to hard things that happen to you or in your life.

In a multitude of words, there is sin.

God has designed you with a will that is stronger than your emotions. Your emotions do not have a brain and can not think, they are meant to help us process things but they are NOT capable of communicating the truth. You CAN act in a way different than how you feel. Our emotions often give us incorrect information.

Andy Andrews: We are all in, coming out of, or headed into a crisis.

You are going to get pushed into the pool. How are you going to act WHEN (not if) someone pushes you into the pool.

God's principles ALWAYS work. If you follow principles, you can be faster in your reactions. You don't have to pray about every little thing. Principles broaden our firm ground (ex. Do not steal, you don't have to pray about cheating on your taxes).

Seek wisdom: Be concerned about your associations. Who are you hanging out with. The people we hang out with create our normal.

In a marriage, if you were alike- one of you would be unnecessary.

There is hope. You are still here. You are still alive. Your purpose has not been fulfilled. There is still something you need to accomplish.

No one really cares how we feel. They care how we ACT. The way you act is directly related to the amount of good things in your life. (BEING a good friend creates friends in your life). God blesses actions. (Feeding the birds but not putting the worm in their mouth).

Good things happen to you because of how you act when things are going well. GREAT things happen to you because of how you act when things aren't going well. (By the way you act, you completely control the cookie flow in your life).

I'm sorry is not the same as asking for forgiveness. Saying I'm sorry implies that it was an accident. Asking for forgiveness accepts responsibility for consciously making a poor choice.

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