Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Year's resolution #1

I want to say "no" more. I want to be less busy.

But a lot of my motivation is so that I can actually get more done around my house. More of my projects started and finished.

And I wonder, I pray, that God would make my motives pure. That I would not miss his work, his leading, with people in order to focus on tasks.

But I'm feeling antsy to do a deep full-house clean. And in the last year, I most certainly have not been checking things off my to-do list!

And we're trying (always) to do better and be more financially responsible and so many of my projects require cash. Not a lot, but it does add up. I need to prioritize the projects so that when I start earning the "big bucks" during the long-term maternity leave I'll be covering from Feb-June, I can get at least a couple done.

The biggest project will be to save for baby #2 though. I'm praying and waiting and trusting God on that:) He's already making me wait longer than I wanted too but I know his timing is always best.

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