Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Things have been really rough around here, the little man has been sleeping even worse, if that's possible, and I woke up today and literally cried because I was so tired and he wouldn't go back to sleep. It's not so bad once I get up and moving but still, you get the idea. I only decided to go to MOPS because it was our week to bring food and boy am I glad I went! Because I substitute, I haven't made it very many times this year but when I have I feel like God has arranged it specifically just so I can hear that specific speaker. And today was no exception!

I don't really know what our speaker, Dona Liddle, said BUT this is what I heard:

That I'm allowed to and should parent my unique child in a way specifically designed to suit him, me and our family. And that this probably won't look like what everyone else is or isn't doing. 

And that its okay for me to want people to accept my choices for my kid without judgement. 

So, please do not read into this any judgement of your choices as a parent because quite frankly, this is my blog and its all about me:) I don't have time to worry or really care about how you parent your child(ren)! (As long as its all legal, otherwise I can turn into to quite a momma-bear, even if the kids aren't mine.)

I left today encouraged in my quest to teach the little sleep thief how to sleep on his own, without locking him in a room and letting him cry himself to sleep. And really, the problem isn't getting him to sleep, it's getting him to stay there. The poor guy has grown 1.5 inches in the last 8 weeks and sprouted 3 new teeth, 2 of them  molars- so there's a lot going on. I'm just going to keep doing the best that I can, praying for patience and wisdom and following the leading I hear and feel from above.
God is so great, I love how no problem is too small or insignificant for him. I feel so loved tonight after hearing this message delivered just for me, although I'm sure others got something out of it too:)

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