Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I'm realizing that starting new habits is hard. Mostly because I forget or fail to prepare.

Earlier this summer I made it 8 days on "The Plan". I lost 8 pounds and felt great. I was full, full of energy, sleeping well. It rocked. And was so much work. It's something I can't manage when I'm this busy. But I'm trying to establish the habit of drinking 16 ounces of lemon water every morning. I'm one for three.

One for three at working our.

Zero for three at reading my Bible.

The good news: tomorrow is my last day working until the 22nd. And from now on we've agreed I need to work way less. It's just not worth the tiny amount of cash I make for all the stress it creates.

I'm just a pendulum swinging back and forth hoping to some day settle closer to who I want to be. Calm. Organized. Flexible. Free. Healthy. Peaceful.

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