Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women of Faith

I was blessed to spend the last 2 days at the Women of Faith conference when it came to Seattle. I was desperately in need of some spiritual food and my soul feels rested, fed, loved, encouraged, convicted and challenged. I'm too sleepy tonight to digest much but plan on spending some quality time reviewing my notes and my heart!

Plus, in a very clear answer to my "I-need-more-sleep-prayers" I know what I need to do. Stop DOING things and GO TO BED. Early. When Griffin goes down. It's not the answer I wanted. What I wanted was a baby that miraculously started sleeping all night until 7 or 8am so I could do everything I wanted and still get plenty of sleep.

The problem is how angry, impatient, grumpy, frustrated and mean I have become while chronically sleep deprived and stubbornly unchanging in my obsessions to get everything done before I go to bed. And I've failed to prioritize quiet times and workouts- two things I desperately need for my physical and emotional health.

Well, last night I fell asleep at 8pm when I put Griffin down. And even though he woke me up every 2-ish hours I woke feeling rested and cheerful this morning. And I never got angry and frustrated with his crying, tossing and turning, and nursing!! And it dawned on me that if I start going to bed with him and getting some good rest...and he starts sleeping better, I could actually get my quiet times and workouts done in the morning!

Again, not the answer I want since I'm a natural night owl but it's the grown-up-pull-up-your-big-girl-panties-and-deal-with-it answer I need:) So with all that said, it's past my bedtime! Good-night and may God bless you with renewal and refreshment for your life and soul!

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