Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been a whole month since little Easter Egg joined our family in a hurry. I feel like we're really settling into being a family of four. This last weekend was super busy...and really rough. The boys (and adults) reactions really make me remember that we're a family of introverts and I would do me, my husband, and both kids a favor by limiting the excitement.

What I'm excited about this morning: It's been a month and it's a Monday. I love starting things at a 'starting point'. Mondays are great for that:)

So Sullivan is up to 10lbs 7oz (as of Friday)- he's growing much slower than Griffin did, which is fine. The pediatrician isn't worried at all. It's just weird having a 75% baby after having a 99% baby.

And I'm down about 26lbs. I was down 29lbs the last time I weighed myself (but I can't remember when that was!). So even though I haven't officially been cleared to workout, I'm starting. I went on a great walk yesterday and am going to start adding in yoga/pilates. I need to build my core back up in order to take care of my back!! I'm starting to get the same reaction I had after Pumpkin was born- my hands falling asleep/tingling

One thing you need to know about me, is that despite how type-A I can be, I've toned down a lot over the years. So nothing about this will be precise. I weighed in around 191 lbs at the end of this (and Pumpkin's) pregnancy. I weigh 165 this morning. I started both pregnancies around 150, but weighed 125 when I got married. I'd like to get back to 130-135. So that's my weight goal. Honestly, even if the scale never gets there but I get back into 'non-jiggly' shape, I'll be happy. Until I'm done nursing and I can have the ladies reduced, I don't know what a reasonable and realistic goal really is :)

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