Sunday, April 14, 2013


My pastor hit another home run today...for me anyways. Talking about the pearl of great price parables.

Only once again it home for me in a way I doubt Rick planned on! LOL!

Sullivan has been 'colicky' (for lack of a better explanation) lately and I've been thinking about cutting out dairy to see if that makes a difference.

And today's main point was, in my own words, some things are worth everything.

Obviously my pastor was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven.

I'm talking about a baby who doesn't cry all.the.waking.time.

According to my 'sources' this needs to be an all-in experiment...for an extended period of time.

SO, tomorrow morning, my sad self will be eliminating ALL dairy for at least the next two weeks.

Feel free to cry with me. And pray for me! (And for Sullivan!!)

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