Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This morning I was comforting my seven month old son who has been teething and in lots of pain the last couple of days. As I was snuggling him, he laid his head on my chest and "petted" me (he moves his hands up and down on my arms) and whimpered. That little whimper broke my heart and also got me thinking about the character of God. I imagine that when we are going through something hard and painful God comforts us in much the same way. He snuggles us closer and whispers in our ear, "I know. I know it hurts. It will all be over soon. I love you." Because you see, its a good thing Griffin is teething. All that pain is a sign that good things are happening just below the surface. Because Griffin is going through this pain now, he will soon be able to enjoy yummy, delicious FOOD. I felt like God was reminding me that he will make sure the hard and painful things we go through also have good, even delicious, outcomes. And that he will always hold us and comfort us in the midst of the pain...if we snuggle into him:)
Are you snuggling into God?

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