Thursday, June 9, 2011


I really want another baby. I want Griffin to have siblings and I want them to play together, grow up together, and be friends for life. That said, my sister and I are just beginning our friendship. It is much desired and long awaited, I'm sure as much by her as by me. We have never shared much in common, except genetic material, and even then we don't look much alike. When I was just dating my husband he said he'd never met two siblings more different than the two of us, and he still stands by that statement. But now we do have things in common. We're both married. And she's about to join me as a mommy. Like maybe even tonight about to join me. And I am so, so, so excited.

Do you have something you've prayed for forever and you feel like God has ignored you. Is it something that you know God would want you to have (like a friendship with your sister). Keep praying! It's 31 and 27 years later but my parents' dream of having daughters who love (and like) each other has finally come true!

Janae, you are going to be an excellent mommy and I am so excited to be Makenna's aunt! I love you!

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