Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can a leopard change it's...stripes?

This week I've been trying an experiment. I've been trying to force my 8 month old into a schedule. I can hear your laughter now. I know, I know...Mission Impossible 4?! We've never had a schedule, although I would have loved one and planned on having one. But 44 hours of labor and sheer exhaustion reduced my abilities to keep track of time, feedings, and poopy diapers to that of a, well, a sleep deprived new mommy. I'm surprised they let you drive. And here it is, 8 months later and I'm not functioning much better. Hence, the above mentioned experiment.

As far as the experiment, things seem to be going okay. Or not really going at all. I just don't really care enough to force it to happen. I like my baby sleeping with me. I don't mind that he's so busy during the day, he eats all night long. I've figured out how to sleep through most night feedings. It's really only the nights he wakes up every 20-30 minutes that kill me. Teething sucks....and is such a slow process!

What I've really learned this last week is that what I need to do is change my spots. I don't like it but the reality is, this night owl needs to become an early bird.

Somehow, I have to figure out a way to go to bed earlier. It's not that I don't have the chance. Griffin is usually asleep by 7pm or 8pm, sometimes 9 but that's when I want to play. Get online, goof off, write, read, etc.

I'm sure you've read, heard, or seen the example of someone filling a jar first with big rocks (life's important things), then smaller pebbles (the slightly less important things), then sand (the even more less important things), then finally water (the things you can do without but because you put the big rocks in first, you still have time to alphabetize your dvds...or something like that).

Currently my only big rock needs to be sleep. If I can just get more/enough of that, I will be able to figure out what my other big rocks are. I just tried to type a list and can't even narrow it down/decide. So here's to being even more boring than I already am. Since God gave me a baby that thinks it's time to party every morning at 6am. Yippee. Skippy.

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