Sunday, July 31, 2011

I don't like....

Things I don't like for the month of August:
Cake. Cookies. Ice cream. Soda. Late nights. Laziness. Chips. Deep fried foods. Things out of a box.

Things I love for the month of August:
Vegetables. Early bedtimes. Early mornings. Workouts. Salads. Water.

I hate the word "diet" but that's what I'm putting myself on. For the month of August. I figure it's a short enough time period I won't be tempted by all the "bad" stuff because of an irrational fear that if I don't eat THIS piece of cake, I will never get another chance to eat cake my ENTIRE LIFE. And hopefully it's a long enough period that I can see some results.

I hate diets. It needs to be a life style. Unfortunately my mostly organic and fairly healthy life style isn't helping me shed the baby weight. I lost 25lbs the first week and nothing since. Granted, it's been 9 months of pretty much exclusively breastfeeding and little sleep and I've pumped and donated almost 900oz (my goal is 1,000 before we wean!). But enough is enough. And maybe, if I can get rid of 10lbs, I'll stop snoring which drives the hubby crazy.

So goodnight to July (in 15 minutes). Hello to the August me:)

Wish me luck! Or feel free to encourage me:)!

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