Sunday, May 27, 2012


Just a couple random thoughts.

  • I've really enjoyed using facebook less. But tonight I 'requested' some of my mommy-friends back...we'll see how it goes. The problem is, I can't just stop at one. I may just have to delete fb altogether:) Maybe this go-round I will do better at limiting my time. But if it starts messing with my moods again, I'm kicking it for good. 
  • I had the BEST day today! It has taken me almost 32 years to be able to verbalize this: My love languages are time and acts of service BUT not in the way you think. I am a task-oriented person. Because I follow Jesus I have learned that people are also important:) Being people-focused does not come naturally to me BUT if you do something with me, then I feel much more at ease inter-acting with you. Today, the hubs ran errands with me (something he usually hates doing) and then left me alone so I could be tasky! I have to smile at our relationship, God really did match us well. While R was inside napping and I was outside doing yard work, washing the cars, and cleaning the garage I wondered how many other wives don't want their husbands out helping them. It was so therapeutic and my love tank is full (and my belly since the hubs BBQ'd up a great dinner!) Oh- and thanks to the grandparents who kept the kid for the day!
  • The thought crossed my mind today that if I can't ever get pregnant again at least I won't have to give up beer and wine again! YUM a cold one on a hot spring day after working outside!
  • I LOVE Parenthood and season 3 is finally online! We managed to watch 2 episodes tonight while waiting for G to get tired. 
  • Lastly, I really really really do want to have to give up beer and wine again. I really really really do want another baby from my body. I would still love to adopt but I ache to be pregnant again. I read an awesome blog post recently that encouraged me to keep praying, waiting, and hoping. I hope it encourages you too: When God Says Wait.

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