Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Okay, okay, I'm going to talk about how much I hate facebook again. My pendulum in this love/hate relationship is swinging back to the negative side. But this time it's not just facebook but technology and wasted time in general.

I'm dreaming of really living my life, instead of facebook living.

We're so 'connected' thanks to amazingly awesome technology...but it's so superficial. I'm realizing all my closest friends have moved away and instead of calling them, I rely on facebook photo and status updates. Not cool.

And instead of complaining that God moved all my closest friends away...I could be creating new close relationships here. Investing time in coffee-dates, play-dates, group workouts, etc. instead of just scrolling through ecards, memes, and inspirational Jesus quotes.

So yeah, I'm still struggling to figure out a balance. I love facebook. It really is an awesome tool. But there is so much else I'd rather be doing...and two little boys and their daddy who deserve a un-distracted mom/wife.

And a God who is calling me to so much more than this 'virtual' life.

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