Saturday, August 11, 2012

WLW- Week 8

I know. I know. It's Saturday. And I call these posts Weight Loss Wednesdays.

Well, I forgot to weigh myself again and I've been busy watching Olympics so it's a really pathetic update.

I'm about 5 days behind on my bible reading. And have hardly worked out lately. To be fair, I did shovel a ton of rocks two days straight, which I think counts as a strength workout. And on top of everything, I think Pumpkin Pie might be getting his 2 year molars...nights have been really rough.

Thankfully the Olympics are over tomorrow. Ryan starts teaching summer school on Monday and my plan is to start transitioning the whole family back to our school-year routine so that we're ready to go September 5th. This will include earlier than mid-night bedtimes for me and hopefully first thing in the morning workouts. As much as I hate getting up early, I do love a good routine and getting my workout out of the way first thing.

I've been slacking on my projects of the week list too. What can I say? It's summer break, it's been mostly warm, and I've had way better things to do:)

Also, you should know I'm just guessing at which workouts I've actually accomplished. My hard copy is upstairs and I don't feel like moving:) 

Here's the rocks I helped shovel. 

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