Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WLW- Week 7

Well, I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so another week and I'm pretty sure no weight loss. Just hoping no weight gain! But it does no good to weigh myself after breakfast- that just leaves me guessing anyway.

This last week was dismal when it comes to workouts. Not only are the Olympics eating up some A LOT of my time, we were just plain busy. In addition to that, I did a pretty intense run/walk on Wednesday and then followed that up with a couple hours sitting in a car, followed by a couple hours walking around Seattle- in the sun without enough water. That combination literally put me on my bum for three days. I had no idea getting dehydrated can wreck you so thoroughly for so long. It wasn't until Sunday that I felt up to working out again but we were so busy with Grandpa's 80th birthday party I couldn't squeeze one in. Monday I did P90X yoga and made it twice as long as last time!! I quit when I was trying to do Twisting Half Moon with Pumpkin Pie pushing me over! One of my best friends, who now lives in Tucson, was in town too. I got to meet their newest addition, Miss Caylee Rae! We had a couple of good days and all 4 kids seemed to get along pretty well. So sad to see them head back. So obviously, I skipped a workout to hang out with the Lenzs.

As much as I am grateful for P90X, I really miss the running/walking time I was getting in on the treadmill. (I can't believe I'm saying that!) So I decided to stop doing the P90X plan and make my own. I've got the entire month of August "planned" out. Treadmill every 3 days and yoga every 5 (I really want to conquer twisting half-moon!). There are no rest days planned because I don't know what days will end up needing to be rest days. This way, I'll just skip whatever workout was planned for that day and start again the next day.

I also wrote out the month's Bible reading plan. And skipped my Projects list. I know what I need to do...and now I just have August to finish it up!!

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