Thursday, July 26, 2012


A new baby is here! Brooks Henry was born just a couple of hours ago.

It makes me want one. Bad! But I already have one...he's just not so much a baby anymore: 
(Blurry seems to be the only way I get pics anymore, my little mover!)

And I trust God. I really, really, really do. All in his timing. It will be perfect- whatever "it" ends up being.

I certainly have it good- although my heart aches, it is not broken.

Unlike Sarah or Diana. Two mommies who are going through unimaginably hard times and inspiring and encouraging me to lean on God and trust him. Although our stories are so different I find so much hope and strength in their faith. If you have a moment, read these ladies' stories and send a little (or big) prayer their way.

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