Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 6

Holy Cow! Really?! REALLY? FIVE completed weeks!! And no weight loss!! ERG!

Well, I'm pretty sure when I step on the scale in the morning there won't be any weight lost because there wasn't this morning. (But we have an early morning and busy day tomorrow, so I thought I should write this tonight.)

HOWEVER, this was the second week in a row that someone at church asked me if I've lost weight and even my husband says he can see a difference. SO at least I'm looking better, my pants are fitting better, and I'm feeling better.

Week 1 of P90X is done- I probably gave it 80% effort. I didn't want to kill myself and I'm not actually looking to get ripped. Just worked out. And it has been quite effective- so far the hardest video for me was the Yoga. LOVED it! Only made it 20-25 minutes. This one will definitely be added into my rotation. I'm also thinking I won't do 90 days of the program but figure out my own routine- because, I miss the treadmill. How weird is that? Anyways- I'm thinking I'll rotate through videos and treadmill time. No plan yet...maybe by next week.

Although I personally sucked at my weekly projects- I rocked at my summer list. I deep cleaned almost the whole house...just the kitchen, laundry room, and coat closet to go. And I mean deep cleaned. Ceiling fans, baseboards, walls. Tons of rearranging. Our house looks awesome! The wall is all ready for the piano from my parent's house- just have to figure out logistics and man power. Have piles of things to craigslist, garage sale, donate, and trash!

Fell behind on my bible reading by a day because I was reading a book. For pleasure! The Jericho Sanction by Oliver North. My parents gave it to us years ago for Christmas and I've never gotten around to reading it. I give it a B+. Entertaining. But not great.

Oh yeah, I turned 32 this week. Loving it. Seriously- my 30s are turning out to be the best years yet!
Ryan's card- so appropriate:)
(not sure why I can't get the inside rotated)

 Pumpkin Pie's card...
You know you've been TTC for a long time when the 21 month old is getting impatient:) 

In progress...best birthday present EVER! 
Granted we paid for 95% of it but the labor was free! I have a fabulously talented FIL!
(Both sets of parents provided gift cards or cash in my cards to help with the cost.)

So here's next week's "plan"...I didn't update or change the P90X workouts yet but those will be different, nor do I have a weight yet. But now I have one less thing to do in the morning! Have a great week!

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