Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- week 5

This has been a pretty awesome week. I am down .5lb from the very beginning! It's not much, but I'll take it.  And I've been very consistent (except the last 2 days) on the treadmill. Monday was the first day I just walked instead of running. My knees and shins were very achy when I tried to run and if there is one thing I've learned while being a "runner" is to ease up when things get this way in order to prevent major injuries/recovery time. I was even asked if I've lost weight at church on Sunday! And quite frankly- I care way more about how I look and feel than what the scale says. If my weight stays the same but I can firm up, I'll be happier than if I lose weight but stay squishy. 

I enjoyed a day to myself yesterday. The hubs took Pumpkin up to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day while I stayed home and cleaned/organized. I got SO much done. I think I need this to be a weekly event this summer! It was extremely therapeutic and it relieves so much stress to get things crossed off my to-do list. For starters, I grocery shopped- Costco and Fred Meyer and stayed on budget! Then I sort of multi-tasked. I would clean for awhile and get bored, then go work in the office, then do some laundry. It was fabulous! I did not get a before shot of our office but you could not see the carpet No exaggeration! This is the room that for the last 5-6 months, I have literally opened the door and thrown stuff into. It was a nightmare! And now check it out:

 (Formerly Pumpkin's nursery- just needs a paint job)
 All my "projects" are now organized in the closet...just waiting for me!
Side two- this side is less projects and more "office supplies". Either way- now I can find what I want fairly quickly!

I also destroyed a fair amount of evidence. So much so the shredder kept overheating and I would have to go work on something else while I waited for it to cool down. 

The hubs and FIL have been working hard on our pergola the last 3 days. All the wood is stained (so pretty!) and it's about half constructed after their workday today. Hopefully tomorrow (my birthday) it will be all finished. I just need the rain to hold off until evening. Pretty Please!!! I'll take some pics and share soon. It's going to be freaking rad and help make all that hard full-time work over the last semester worth it. It's also going to help me care less about the crappy housing market. 

I've been rocking the water. I think technically the current recommendation is to drink your weight in ounces of water a day- that would mean I would need to drink FIVE water bottles a day. I don't keep exact track of how much I drink (sometimes I fill up before empty because we're leaving the house or something) but I don't think my bladder could handle 5!

Rocking the Bible reading too. I was right, reading it twice as fast is actually easier for me. It makes it feel substantial and worth my effort. Good stuff in that book:) 

For this coming week- I have P90X now! I'm going to try and figure out how to get an hour workout in in the mornings. I think it means I have to go to bed earlier than midnight so I can get up and at it before Pumpkin is ready for the day. AND I'm still going to try to walk (run when I feel up to it) 30 minutes a day- this will probably be in the evenings after Pie goes to bed. I feel like even if I'm too tired or sore to run, getting an evening walk in will only help. I would love to get pregnant again but weigh at the end what I weighed at the beginning last time. At the very least my neighbor who just had her second and ran the whole pregnancy has inspired me to not give up workouts when the time comes. Her labor was less than 2 hours!! That is FORTY-TWO hours less than Pumpkin Pie. THAT is what is motivating this weight-loss/get healthy journey:)

Although I did great working at my summer to-do list this week, nothing is actually finished. My goal this week is to simply wrap up a couple projects (like the garage).

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