Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 2

This week has gone better, although I still gained a pound. I think my downfall is twofold: 1) I need to print my lists so I see them multiple times a day and 2) I have GOT TO start eating differently. As in I really need to quit at some point. It's so easy to just graze all day long on summer break. I need to be much more intentional about what I put in my mouth and really focus on eating less goldfish! 

Yes, I got FOUR workouts in this week. Way better than the single solitary walk I did the week before. AND this is with Pumpkin being sick (like 103 degree fever, puke, and Hand-Foot-Mouth sick). I was incredibly inspired by this post by my friend Rebecca and the videos she shares links to. Especially this one. For whatever reason "it" clicked and I've had fantastic workouts that I have *gasp* enjoyed the last three days. 

I'm rocking the water drinking, if I do say so myself. Think I'm going to try for four water bottles a day this coming week. That will take me to 128oz/day. I need a challenge- ha! At least something is easy:)

I also figured out that I need to be more specific with my "bible" goal- so since I started out planning on reading the Bible in a year and totally fell off the wagon when my full-time job started and because the year is exactly half over, I've decided to aim for the whole Bible in 6 months. I'm just taking the full-year plan and aiming for 2 days of reading each day. I think this might actually work because it's more reading at one sitting and actually feels like I'm making progress rather than trudging through. (You know some of those OT books feel like trudging- don't judge me please:)!

I got a little bit done with my projects this week. The garage is straightened and swept- I need a good chunk of kid-free time to finish it. Our stumps are coming out TOMORROW! Just a year in the making!! We conquered Costco and Target with the little man in one morning- not an easy feat lately. He does NOT want to be in the cart or hold your hand, and when we use the leash he refuses to walk in the direction you need to go. ERG. You can walk into our office now!!! It's been the room I open the door to and literally throw stuff into since about February...maybe March. Think Monica's secret messy closet on FRIENDS. So much stuff is lost in there right now but at least now it's in "neat" piles and you can see the floor. Baby steps, my friends. And lastly, I called a couple of bike shops and it is $60+ PER BIKE for a we're going to internet educate ourselves and try to do it ourselves. At least this way, if we end up paying for the professionals to do it, at least they'll have something to fix do. And hopefully we'll save $120+. We can spend that $$ on a bike trailer instead and get the monster kiddo out of the house more often. 

So all-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with this week. I am inspired and motivated and am figuring out what works for me this time around. I didn't think it would be the treadmill and lists but hey- you go with what works!

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  1. I LOVE your chart idea. I think I might steal it. :)