Thursday, July 19, 2012

4am. Really? Really.

So last night I went to bed "early" so that I could get up earlier and try to get my first P90X workout in. And by early I mean 11pm- I've been consistently going to bed around midnight lately. MUCH later than my school-year schedule. And not helpful with a toddler who hasn't been sleeping well.

The hubs asked me what time I was going to get up- I answered, "Whenever I wake up. I'm not setting an alarm. I'm just going to bed early so I can drag myself out of bed instead of trying to go back to sleep until the kid forces me awake." Which has been between 7 and 9am lately. A pretty decent night's sleep for me.

And I was exhausted yesterday after my big alone productive day on Tuesday. 

So can you tell me why I am WIDE AWAKE at 3:45am? It's now almost 5. I've been completely unsuccessful at going back to sleep. WHAT THE HELL?! 

I've peed twice. I've stretched. I've prayed. I've switched sides of the bed. 

All to no avail. 

At this point I know if I fall back asleep, the wake up call from Pumpkin Pie is going to make me want to cry. 

It's my birthday for crying out loud!

I just wanted to sleep until, like, 6am or something. I really don't ask for much. 

Definitely planning on a nap today. 

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