Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 3

So this week went much better! I'm back to my "starting" weight which is down 3lbs from last week. I've been super consistent with the treadmill. I'm starting to worry about my knee though- the right one is a little achy. I've been reading our Runner's World magazines and am trying to change my stride so that I land on my fore-foot instead of heel- I guess people swear it helps with preventing injuries. And when it comes time for new shoes I think I'm going to try the low-slope ones or whatever they're called- I'm assuming the shoe experts at Jock 'N Jill or Run 26 will guide me like they always have!

The best part about all this- believe it or not- I'm wanting to get out of bed before Pumpkin wakes up in order to get my run in. I'm also seriously loving my ipod beats to pump me should see me run to Jesse's Girl the Glee version (think Rachel and Phoebe in the running episode:). Let's just say there is some fist pumping that usually occurs...and if my treadmill wasn't in my garage where my neighbors could hear me, there would be some serious top-of-my-lungs singing along!

I've done pretty good with my water goal. I would have done better if my indestructible Nalgene hadn't destructed: 
Don't worry- I picked up a new one today- for free!

I'm also doing awesome at my Bible reading- speeding up the pace seems to help me. It's more like reading a book instead of getting just a short 2 or 3 chapter snippet in every night. Oh, and I don't like reading in the morning anymore. I'm definitely a night-time reader now. Which means sometimes I miss out because I fall asleep while putting the boy to bed but then I just pick up where I left off the next day. This isn't supposed to be rigid- just goals to aim at. Sometimes you over achieve other times you don't.

As for my PsOTW: our garage is rocking it. I just have a couple small details to wrap up...and a few things to craigslist/garage sale/donate and then I'll post pictures to make you all jealous of my Monica-ness. (I'm really throwing out the FRIENDS references lately- maybe it's time for another go-round with all 10 seasons!). We bought wood to build our pergola with! Step 1 and $450 down. Yikes. Just need to stain and build- that's on the schedule for next Monday and Tuesday!! So freaking excited!! I finally cleaned the fish tank. Have I mentioned that I can't wait to be pet free some day. The tank creates a nice ambiance and white noise but I just want less chores! I've still managed to avoid the magnetic locks...and that was going to be the first thing I did this summer. But now that we're home and playing with Pumpkin so much- he isn't getting into the cabinets as much. Maybe this week?! And even though I didn't work in the office this week- I'm using it!! Computer pretty much stays on the desk now, which really helps me give Pumpkin Pie undivided attention...which means life is just more pleasant around here! Yay for solutions to problems!

Here's next week's lists: 

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