Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I had my 30 week appointment I'm down to every 2 weeks!? This has gone by so fast!!

Now our big decision is are we really crazy enough for a home birth or are we headed to the birthing center?

Time to do some reading, praying, and thinking!!

On a completely different topic: Making a menu for 8 weeks is easy. Making grocery lists is not when trying to decide how to buy for the cheapest. I can't buy all my produce at once, but I can save by getting some things in bulk at Costco. I want it to look as pretty as my menu and it's not right now and it's really bugging me! Don't worry- I'll dream about it tonight and get it all figured out :) I'm that obsessive!


  1. On the home birth topic, I think you're close enough to a hospital at EITHER location to be safe if there's a complication. So the next question is whether you want to go to Providence or Cascade. Heck, I'd just be happy to get a midwife next time! ;)

  2. And I'd just be happy to have labor last less than 1 day!! Yes, your story is SO crazy- I actually want to pick your brain about it in a "if it had been planned" what would you think way.

  3. Pick away! Shoot me an email or let's hang out!