Wednesday, January 2, 2013


New goal for 2013. Be a stay at home mom after March.

I'm all inspired by a couple of blog posts I pinned ages ago and just read tonight.

And by the fact that Pumpkin Pie's entire attitude has changed with me home the last 2.5 weeks. He's still no angel, he's still two but he's calmer and, dare I say it, easier.

I honestly don't care what it takes. It may require us short-selling the house (the only way we could actually sell, besides foreclosure which we don't 'need' to do). I simply can't work with two. I'm failing so much while working with just one.

It makes me sad too because I lovelovelove my job and who gets to say that?! BUT it's a job I can easily go back to when the time is right. And to maintain my "active" status, all I have to do is work 1 day per school year. So I think my goal will be to work 4 (or less) days/month. One day a week for "me" time- to use my adult brain, etc. Especially since both Grandmas and Auntie live near by. If I limit myself to that little work- daycare should never be a problem.

And who knows, maybe God has a plan to keep us in the house too. But it's not me working as much as possible. The house just isn't worth it.

After this Winter Break and seeing the changes in the 2-year-old, nothing else matters to me as much as my little guy and Baby #2. They won't care if we own or rent but our little family of four will know if I'm overworked and over-stressed. Priorities people. Mine are still in diapers and the man who's last name I share:)

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