Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you

I'd like to publicly say thank you to everyone who has been complimenting me on how cute I am pregnant, how healthy I look, how great I look, etc.

Believe it or not, and as conceited as it sounds, I agree with you. I'm in that sweet spot where I'm obviously pregnant, not just looking chubby, but I also don't look ready to explode (although I feel like it).

But the moment is quickly passing!

It's unfortunate that pregnancy is FORTY weeks long, if this were the end- I would be so happy and willing to do this as many times as God saw willing. In fact, just this week my attitude has taken a nose dive.

I'm up sharing because as tired as I am, and I worry that these are the beginnings of a cold I'm feeling, I am absolutely miserable right now. I'm hot. Uncomfortable. Fighting heartburn. And no matter what I do, I simply can not get comfortable in bed.

I have no idea how I am going to survive seven (ish) more weeks of this. I am SO happy to be pregnant and to be adding to our family, but I think I might actually go crazy if I can't get some relief.

Prayers appreciated!

Four more weeks and I'm considered full-term. Then it's game on for "get this baby out of me".

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  1. Oh, the last days of pregnancy. Every minute ticks by just a little slower. I am so excited for you to be almost done--even though you are super cute pregnant. We want to see Barci #4!