Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Officially nesting

10 weeks until due date and I'm officially and intentionally nesting. I have a super (SUPER) busy January planned- I'm booked everyday I'm available and I know this makes me tired and stressed out and will eat up four of those 10 weeks. Leaving me just 6 until our due date, less if I go early. And since this is baby #2....yeah, we haven't really done much prepping so there is lots to do!

Tonight I got our menu for the next 8.5 weeks planned out. All tried and true recipes (except for 2 or 3). Anything underlined I'm planning on doubling and freezing (or in the case of the pancakes, etc just making double batches of the dry ingredients so I have something easy to pull from the pantry). Anything with an *asterisk* is crockpot (love love love crock-potting)! This should give me 28 freezer meals and 3 prepped breakfast meals. And since tomorrow I'll put in the effort of making 8 weeks worth of grocery lists, I imagine we'll just repeat this when it ends so that my next 8 weeks of grocery lists (minus all the freezer meals) are already prepped! I can just cross things off I don't need.

Here it is, enjoy and steal, and check back in for recipes and updates:)!

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