Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I don't want to jinx myself but I feel like I'm back on top, in a groove, or some other fun cliche.

Just another confirmation that I am not meant for full-time work while Pumpkin Pie is a demanding baby/toddler. 

Don't get me wrong, everything isn't "fixed" yet. I've only worked out once in the last week. You can still barely open the office door. We still need to take an epic trip to Costco. 


The house is cleaned, laundry is at a maintainable place, we have enough groceries for the week, our summer calendar is made and filling up nicely, the summer to-do-list is posted and I've even managed to complete a couple things already, and the dog's hairs are cut. I'm sure there is more contributing to this "my brain cells are coming back" feeling but does it really matter? I'm starting to feel like myself again!!

And what does that mean? 

Inspired to attack the to-do list (I am a goal oriented, task oriented, type-A in case you don't know:)

Inspired to work out...tomorrow. Today is the dentist and a nap. Last night was AWful!

Oh! And most exciting of all (to me)- I'm finally working on Pumpkin's shutterfly baby book again. I think it has literally been almost a year since I stopped working on it. But I had a genius idea the other night and now I'm almost done with the first volume. (Instead of doing one big book per year, like a friend of mine does, I'm going to break it into smaller 8x8 books (which also tend to be free with coupons!), by season and special occasion. Hopefully this will make it easier with future kids so that they don't feel left out because they aren't the first born. 

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