Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Once again

Once again God has proven just how cool he is. I've got to give you the whole story.

You know the verse: Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

There are a couple things about how this verse is usually used that bother me. 1) It's a blanket statement used to figure out who you should marry and 2) it's not a promise. How many previously equally yoked people do you know that have left the church, their spouse and family, and chosen a new life outside of the faith. I know more than one.

Personally this verse has also bugged me because I feel like most Christians get stuck on what they think "equally yoked" looks like in modern America. When they spend more time focusing on what this looks like to God throughout the ages.

My husband's faith does not look like mine. It never has. He wasn't raised in a church-going home, so attending every Sunday has never become a habit. He's an over-worked introverted teacher who doesn't want to go to a crowded event on his rest-day (A Sabbath is quite biblical you know!?!) Occasionally I struggle with feeling lonely in my faith because of how different ours look. Sometimes I even doubt my husband's faith because it doesn't look like what I think it should. But God has always spoken to my heart on this, telling me that R's faith is between him and God. I'm allowed to pray for him of course. I'm also required to respect him, submit to him, and be a godly wife regardless of anything.

God also reminds me that I wanted this. I grew up in a home where my dad did go to church every Sunday...and it didn't do much good Monday-Saturday. I have always said, I'd rather be married to a Christian than a church-goer.

Don't get me wrong- I pray and long for the day when R is comfortable enough in his faith to share openly with me.

But in the meantime, especially after today, I trust that he does in fact have faith. God showed me, once again, that Him and R are talking frequently and that He will in fact lead me through him.

Without knowing, we are both on the same page for a major life change. More details to come when the time is right- suffice it to say: God is awesome and I am so in love with Him and him.

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