Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stars re-do

I think instead of stars this time, I'm going to do a summer grade-book! I know it's cheesy but it would really connect with me. I'm thinking I need to come up with rewards for an "A" or "B" grade and a consequence for a "C", "D", or "F". And summer break is 11 weeks so that seems like a really good time frame for a first round of goals. Instead of starting two days ago, I'm starting today- my first official day of summer break. I'll update on Wednesdays..."Weight-loss Wednesdays" maybe? And I'll post my grade-book too. Feel free to steal any of my ideas and join me!! June 20-September 5...we can all look smoking hot for back-to-school:)

Here's this weeks chart...I've already earned a "10" for workout #1 today and now I'm off to read me some Word of God!

Hope you are enjoying the first day of summer (here in the northern hemisphere) and winter for all my southern hemisphere friends!!

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