Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weight-loss Wednesday- WK1

I did not do so hot last week as you can see by the very incomplete star-chart (I really did only get one workout in all week- so bad!). I thought, for fun, I would try to do a "grade book" instead of stars but by Thursday (yes, that is only one day) I realized that was too much work/thought for me right now. I know, I'm on summer break so I should be able to handle a simple gradebook for myself but doing the gradebook requires me to judge my effort and more importantly remember it a day or two later. SO this week, I'm trying a list. I'm great with lists and love making and using them. I'm hoping this helps remind me what I'm focusing on this summer on a daily basis. (I did do pretty great at the project part of my list last week...just need to use that momentum to help do great on the rest of my goals). Also- I totally blame my 2lb weight gain on 1) the chocolate chip cookies hubby made (man they were GOOD) and 2) forgetting to weigh myself early this morning before eating breakfast and drinking a whole water bottle.

The good news: I started off today great. Got a 30 minute walk in this morning and spent an hour at "The Farm". 
The bad news: I've spent the rest of the day on the couch or in the tub with a sick Pumpkin. At one point his fever was 103.2 and he puked twice, the first time while breastfeeding. So yeah, that's how I ended up in the tub the first time. I've literally watched 8 hours of tv today. Thank goodness for OnDemand and HGTV!
The worst news: I had a migraine myself. Well, I call it a migraine but I don't know if it really was one. It hurt bad, made me super cranky and nauseous (although I never puked). 
The best news: I think we're both feeling better. Daddy ran to the store and got me some caffeine (the only thing I know that works on headaches like that) and some incredible organic saltine crackers. Now it's WAY past bedtime and no sign of tired. But I'm cool with staying up late tonight if it means the puking is done!!

Did I mention that I'm not used to nursing so much and on top of everything else I think I'm raw now. OUCH! But isn't this face worth it? I think so!!

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