Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'm wondering if it's time to bring back the star chart.
            What's 'the star chart', you ask?

Only one of the coolest motivational tools my friend Jenn and I came up with and used years ago.

It's literally a star chart for grown-ups. We did ours on excel so that we could customize everything about it. I wonder if I still have it on a random flash drive. If I find it over summer break, I promise I'll share:)

I found this picture here, ironically on a blog talking about this very thing. 

I am a list maker. An organizer. A planner. So before I do something, I like to have it all planned out. What I've found is that this works great while trying to achieve my goals- until I have a bad day or two in a row. Then I can (and often do) get depressed and off-track because it feels like, "Why keep trying if I'm failing so miserably". BUT when I keep track of what I've done, especially with something like a star-chart- I can easily see how much I have done and usually get myself right back on track. 

What I've also realized lately is that I don't have time to plan and organize like I used to before baby would like to. so I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it. 

Do what?

Oh. Just get off my lazy bum, re-organize my priorities, and get back into shape. I know many of my aches and pains would relieve themselves if I would just prioritize working out again. I bet my hormones would calm down too. I don't care about being skinny- I never have. But I am weak and unhealthy and I

I've been daydreaming about ways to make it easier. Like joining the local crossfit gym and literally paying someone to whip me back into strong-mode. It's $200 for a one-month required class. YIKES! (If that's not a lot of money to you, I will gladly allow you to sponsor me!) Another friend of mine has been doing the Advocare 24 day challenge. She's 18 days in and 10lbs down. I know this was also an expensive option although I'm unsure of just how expensive. 

The thing is, we've been working really hard at paying off debt and I just can't get myself comfortable with spending that kind of dough on something I know how to do on my own...I'm just choosing not to do it. I wrote a couple nights ago about how I used to be super motivated and in incredible shape. In addition to the swimming I've also completed numerous 5k/10k races, 3 marathons, and a couple triathlons of various lengths- I've read countless books and articles on nutrition. I know what to do. I know how to do it. I own the DVDs and tons of tools to help me (yoga mat, running shoes, really awesome road bike, running stroller, treadmill, exercise ball, free weights, etc). 

I got online to write about this tonight and found this post by my friend Becca. I really relate to her dilemma: being skinny or enjoying food life. I want to figure out a way to do both. I'm not sure exactly what my star chart will look like this time around but I need a plan for this summer. I want to be a healthy wife and mom. I want to feel strong and eliminate my aches. I'd love to lose some (20lbs) weight. I want to run again and race again. I'm thinking of rewarding my self (if I get enough stars) with that crossfit class...or a donut. JUST KIDDING!! (kinda)


  1. Yes! Yes to all of it--having a plan, feeling weak and unhealthy, finding some sort of a balance. Let me know what your plan is when you get it developed; maybe it will work for me too. ;) And as for star charts? If you have a smart phone or a tablet there is a pretty decent reward chart app. It works wonders for Allie--maybe it will work for the over 30 crowd as well. :)

    1. No smart phone:( Another thing the budget does not currently have room for.

      What I really want is to just wake up one morning and WANT to do this. But I'm becoming more and more allergic to hard work the older I get:)

    2. Haha-I know what you mean. I always feel motivated at night, after I've already eaten all the chocolate and drank all the coke I want for the day. Where DOES that motivation go by morning? ;)