Friday, February 8, 2013

"Card" Party

So having a second child is interesting. I know I'm not the first person to do this but I still have moments where I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way.

This time around there really isn't much to do in order to be prepared. Once again, we're saving gender for the moment of delivery so pink or blue doesn't really matter. Shamrock Shake will be bunking with Pumpkin Pie, so there isn't even a room to paint. Thanks to a local group on facebook I've been able to grab some more cloth diapers, another boppy and covers, and a second swing for cheap. Thanks to friends and sharing/loaning/borrowing I've got an infant car seat, a swing, an arms reach co-sleeper, and a bathtub.

What has really been on my heart is how to make Baby B2 feel like we and everyone else are just as excited for their arrival as for Big Brother's. And one of my treasures from my baby showers for Pumpkin Pie are all the cards and the beautiful messages inside- storebought or homemade. And I really want Shamrock Shake to have those same treasures...the words of family and friends telling them how excited and happy they are to meet them, what a gift from above they are.

So in a moment of genius (at least I think so), I decided that I did in fact want to have a 'baby shower' this time around but that instead of gifts what I really want is CARDS. And that to play on the word 'card', it should be a totally non-traditional baby shower GAME NIGHT!!

I'm so excited, it's on the books and officially happening because what I disliked most about my baby showers with B1 is that I didn't get to actually hang out and talk with people very much and I am always uncomfortable being the center of sitting around in a circle with everyone staring at me while I open gifts is way outside my comfort zone!

This might be one of my best ideas ever and I am so excited for a FUN girls night...and to meet B2!! Just 5-ish more weeks!!

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