Sunday, February 17, 2013


We're doing a series at church right now on's topic: patience.

Not always my favorite "growth" area, lol! BUT this sermon was different. I didn't leave feeling guilty- just inspired!

Patience is not passive. I don't get to just sit on the couch watching tv...and I don't have to just sit on the sidelines doing nothing. What a freeing moment. I can keep working on me, my heart, my attitudes, etc while patiently waiting on God to work on others. In fact, I SHOULD be working on me, on what I can work on while waiting. Just sitting around waiting for God and others is not good stewardship.

I don't have to be happy while waiting. I can be angry with God. I can ask him why? But I can trust Him and His timing. The only thing I can't do is walk away from HIM.

I want to be more like Job and less like Saul. More patient. More trusting.

Good thing God has seen fit to give me all sorts of things in my life to help me learn! LOL!! Remind me that I want to be a more patient person the next time I start complaining about the toddler, husband, pregnancy, strained and broken relationships, debt, jobs and the housing market, okay? :)

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