Friday, March 29, 2013

Induction Day

I haven't had much to say...I'm still pregnant. 41 weeks to be exact. Way too long and I know people who got all the way to 42. God bless them. 
 I may look happy in this picture but let me tell you, up close you would see splotchy eyes and hear a lot of sniffling. I cried A LOT yesterday. A LOT. So many emotions to deal with when you are planning an "induction" that I didn't have to deal with the first time around. Add to that it being the second time around and you get all the emotions of 'losing' your 'baby'. So needless to say, I cried. And cried. And cried. Everything made me tear up. And poor Griffin, he kept saying, "You don't need to be sad, Mommy. You wipe away those tears." And then he, himself, had a super emotional day....which of course made me cry some more! He is the sweetest kid and I'm so excited for him to be a big brother and so sad for him to not be my only, all at the same time.  Check out how we spent our "last day" at my personal blog if you'd like to. 
Bottoms up. Castor Oil Egg/Ham/Cheese scramble. 
"Induction" day.

Here goes nothing. 

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