Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What a week

What a week...and it's only Wednesday! Baby has not arrived. I was really hoping for a St. Patrick's Day delivery. Oh well. Now that my magic day has passed, I'm actually planning hoping that baby waits for the weekend, or even next week.

I've been so, so, so hormonal lately. This is so different than what I remember with Griffin. Like out of control. God bless Ryan for putting up with me, I know I've been trying his patience. And God bless Griffin for being so forgiving. But the cure is delivery so we wait.

Why Baby can't come...

Today: My sister has her gender ultrasound today. And I don't want my baby to have to share the limelight. I want them to be and feel special. Plus, I have a job lined up.

Tomorrow: I have a job lined up and my sister will have just announced what they are having.

Friday: It's my in-laws 40th anniversary...and again, I want Baby to have their own special day.

I'd prefer baby to wait until Sunday night or later because....

Saturday: is a good friend's wedding

Sunday: a good friend's son's 2nd birthday party.

So there you have it Baby. See you next week:)

Plus, we still don't have names. ARG!!!

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