Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick? and Tired!

So I think I'm sick. Again.


It could be allergies but I'm doubting that.

Sneezing, drippy nose, sore throat, sinus pressure.

YUCK!  (And I just got over this).

I don't want to labor while sick...BUT...I am so ready to meet this baby!

I am SO tired. Literally.

And tired of not being able to sleep. Not being able to eat. Tired of being 'obese'.

I've got a busy day planned today. Ikea tomorrow (and our carpets are getting cleaned!). A friend's baby shower Saturday. Dinner with friends Sunday and a possible belly painting session. Work on Monday.

And Baby is allowed to interrupt any of it. LOL!

I can't wait to say, "I'm not pregnant!" I can't wait for a squishy empty stomach. And a baby in my arms.


  1. I've got the same sickness! ...other than the baby in my belly part, of course. Bleh! Hope you feel better fast!

  2. You're so close to done! Yay!!! I hope you feel better soon!