Sunday, August 18, 2013


I'm feeling so much better. Unloading here. Talking with my mom and a few friends and a couple mentors. I feel understood, heard, and most importantly- not alone.

Things are still hard. Really hard.

Ryan finds out this Friday about ProTeach. Janae's c-section is scheduled for Thursday. Sullivan has a check-up at Children's on Tuesday. That's a lot of emotional stress for me. I think I will feel 10 pounds lighter when it's all over.

Still no offers on the house (I refuse to count $30,000 under asking price as an offer).

I'm usually okay with unknowns...I prefer a plan but I'm pretty good at rolling with 'it' but this time feels different. This week might just kill me. I have no idea how Ryan will react to his 'grade', passing or failing. God help us all if it's a failing grade.

I just might be able to make it to Visioncast. I really think I need it. At least I know I need a weekend away and I think it would be better to be with my church, focusing on Christ, than alone. Time to schedule another girls weekend away for sure.

Not much to say really. Just feeling better. Lighter. Encouraged.

Thanks Jesus ;)

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  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling better! I just caught up on the latest.

    Did you guys send a counter-offer on the low offer? Don't be offended by the 30k below asking price; it's pretty normal for people to do these days. We did it on the barn we bought, and then we accepted their counter-offer. A lot of people use Zillow for market value; they may have just gone by that. I hope a full price offer comes soon! :)