Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eating my emotions

Anyone else do this? I know I'm not alone. So I did better than I would have ever thought possible for 7 days. And then THIS week started. There is so much happening and so much emotional stress, everything went out the window.

And guess what? I'm feeling SUPER tired and have gained some weight back. In just two days. BUT I'm not experiencing 'extreme emotionality' and I haven't had chicken. Hmmm?

So it's back to 'The Plan' tomorrow but this time no chicken.

And instead of eating, I'm going to pray.

For my sister who has a scheduled c-section on Thursday but really wants a chance at a vbac. And just got sent home from triage.

For my new niece, I can't wait to meet her Thursday (or before)!

For my husband, who finds out if he passed pro-teach on Friday.

For myself, who DOES get to go on the church retreat. I really really really need to hear from God.

For myself, who needs to change so that our family can change.

For my boys. All three of them. That God would would draw them to Himself.

I'm really getting excited for school to start. I love the chance to start 'fresh' and I'm thinking, praying, and dreaming about what our family's schedule should look like. What needs to get cut, added, prioritized, rearranged, etc. Thinking about morning's with the boys and incorporating Bible stories/lessons into our routine, bedtimes, workouts, etc.

Praying for, above all else, God's will. With our house. Our finances. Our jobs. Our lives.

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