Thursday, May 9, 2013

A thousand things

Beth Moore has said it twice in the last five weeks, "You can't do a thousand things well. Do a few things and do them well."

It seems my life is a pendulum swinging past 'balance' until I reach one extreme or the other.

Although, as I age I feel like I'm getting better at saying 'no' and thinking before I say 'yes'. Marrying my husband, a true introvert (I'm a 'barely' introvert) has also changed the amount of 'stuff' I do and commit to (although probably not as much as he would like, it is much less than I used to do).

And I've been thinking about what needs to be done better and what needs to be cut as I adjust to parenting two littles.

I've got a few major commitments in the next couple weeks, the pendulum is way too far over in the 'thousand things poorly' side currently. I'm really looking forward to pushing it back towards balance....just in time for summer and maybe even spend some time as a family in the 'too few we're on vacation' side. :)

It's a constant ebb and flow, and I'm okay with that. It's just a re-evaluate kind of moment for me.

Mostly, I want to 'do' raising my boys and having an awesome marriage right. All else is 'extra' and I need to hold it with open hands, God can ask me to give any of it up at anytime and I need to be ready to say, 'Okay.'


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