Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rocks 1 and 2

There are two big rocks that I'm severely neglecting that have to be priorities starting now.

1) God and 2) my physical health (getting my strength back)

1: God will never not be a part of my everyday but what is missing is time in the Word. Such a hard thing to make time for with the busyness of life. I used to thirst for my daily quiet with little running around and stealing my sleep, I have a harder time making the time- and I need it more than ever. For their sake. For my sake. For the sake of everyone around me. SO, this is my first big rock. Every day for the next 28 (that's how long to make a habit, right?)

2: Pregnancy has a way of adding pounds and eating muscle. And I desperately need mine protect my back! And set an example for my boys. SO, this is my second big rock every day for, you guessed it, the next 28 days.

Because I can't do anything without a plan: I'm starting the New Testament again- I've already read through it once this year but just don't feel up for the OT. This time, slower, deeper, and more journaling (here and on paper). As far as getting my physical strength back, I also have a plan. Simple (stole it from facebook) 30 day challenges. Pushups and squats. Start off small, add to the number each day. That's my minimum. On days that I can, I'll do a pilates or yoga dvd. On days that I can and it's nice enough, I'll get in a walk.

Check back on Mondays for updates! Once these two habits are firmly established, I'll move onto some other big rocks...and hopefully, the smaller ones just fall into place.

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