Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We spent the day today at our local Children's Hospital getting tests done on Sullivan's thyroid. It's been measuring "borderline abnormal" since he was born- this was found thanks to a routine newborn blood screening. He's had the two normal ones required in the state of Washington, plus two follow up blood draws and until yesterday I wasn't even thinking about it. Then yesterday around 12:30 or 1, our pediatrician called to tell me that the latest numbers had gone back up and she was going to get us in at Children's today or tomorrow. Talk about a change in the sense of urgency! So I promptly googled and read everything I could on infant thyroid problem, etc.

Today started with a traumatic iv placement followed by a thyroid scan using a radioactive tracer. Sullivan's scans showed no evidence of uptake, meaning his thyroid didn't 'uptake' the tracer they put into his blood stream (and it should). So they had us come back at 1pm for an ultrasound to see if he even has a thyroid (which he does!!! YAY!). So now, we just administer thyroid meds daily and have a follow up with an endocrinologist next Wednesday, back at Children's.

The best part about today (besides having awesome medical insurance, having access to a world-renown Children's Hospital and specialists, and Sullivan having a thyroid) was lunch at The Ram! One of my favorite restaurants, it was a nice break- especially since we didn't have time for breakfast this morning! THEN we managed to hit Happy Hour at Starbuck's on the way home and scored half-price fraps...this momma was in desperate need for some caffeine!

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