Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching up Favorites

What with having a new baby and all, I haven't been reading as much. Now that life seems to be evening out and a routine appearing, here are some of my favorite posts from the last month. I still have a lot more catching up to do with some of my favorite bloggers...I'm hoping for lots of reading time in Michigan...and to be all caught up by the end of May. Honestly, if I haven't read it by then- I'm just letting it go:)

Discontentment versus Disappointment by Rachael Andrews

Book recommendation, Praying for your kids (specifically), Thankful, and 'All Natural' by Carina Lee

One Year (and pretty much everything she writes) by Diana Stone

HomeReturn to Sender (and every other post too) by Sarah Rieke

Mother's Day ReflectionsCan You Imagine?, Clean Eating (again, all her posts really) AND a new blog Nourished by Lauren Casper

Life with Three by Rachel Garlinghouse

Mombie moments by Beth- my new source of comic relief and reality checks!

Parenting Truths by new parent Amanda

I almost didn't publish this but decided I will keep doing posts like this because I want to be able to find these posts again someday when I really need them!

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  1. My mom just read life with three. She loved it! Saw you on the blog hop. Say hey sometime! Xo