Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thyroid update

We had our follow-up appointment with endocrinology today. The doctor said based on his scan that showed no uptake of the radioactive tracer, plus his 'borderline abnormal' results on his blood work, and the fact that the ultrasound showed he does in fact have a thyroid that she thinks this is transient and might clear up in 6-7 months!! Basically, my antibodies from when he was inside me and used my blood, are blocking his thyroid from working and as he grows his own blood and mine disappears, this could resolve itself. There is still a chance his thyroid won't ever work properly. And because controlling the thyroid in the first 3 years of brain and physical development is so important, he will be on thyroid replacement until he's 3. Then it's not such a big risk and they will take him off meds to see if his thyroid is working. So he needs blood work in 3 weeks to evaluate dosage and a follow-up appointment with endocrinology in 3 months.

So, big sigh of relief just having someone who knows talk to me. I didn't realize I was carrying around such a big ball of worries until they were (mostly) relieved.

I'm still not happy about crushing a pill and trying to get him to drink it. And am going to research if there is an alternative.

I also want to meet with a naturopath and just hear their opinion.

Getting the pill into him is such a stressful thing. I 'spilled' one today after it was crushed. And he puked it back up two days in a row. And I just feel like it's all going to be my fault if he has developmental delays. At my midwife appointment yesterday I received so much encouragement and nice words! Thanks ladies for reassuring me that all will be okay and that we'll get the hang of meds! Those girls are the nicest, most sympathetic, and understanding group of women when it comes to how a mom reacts about her baby. I'm going to miss them!

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  1. Have you looked into any children's nature paths? I would love to hear more about this journey with him and what comes from with continuing in crushing medicines for him... or what other suggestions are made.
    Thank you for sharing as always, I enjoy your blog so much.